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Below, you can choose which monitor you need. If your monitor is not listed? Please feel free to contact us, perhaps we can still deliver the desired monitor.
Brand Type Brand CRT Type CRT

KME 17DM15B01/1 KME 15" Color
KME 17DM15B02/1 KME 15" Color
KME 17DM15B03/1 KME 15" Color
KME 17DM17A02/1 KME 17" Color
KME 17DM17A03/1 KME 17" Color
KME 17DM17BO2/1 KME 17" Color
KME 17DM17BO3/1 KME 17" Color
KME 17DM19A01/1 KME 19" Color
KME 17DM2004 KME 21" Color
KME 17DM21A03/1 KME 21" Color
KME 17DM21A04/1 KME 21" Color
KME 17DM21A05 KME 21" Color
KME 17DM21B04/2 KME 21" Color
KME 20C05A15 KME 5" Monochroom
KME 20C05A15F KME 5" Monochroom
KME 20C05A32HX KME 5" Monochroom
KME 20C05C15 KME 5" Monochroom
KME 20C05C15F KME 5" Monochroom
KME 20C05C32HX KME 5" Monochroom
KME 20C07A15 KME 7" Monochroom
KME 20C07A15F KME 7" Monochroom
KME 20C07A32HX KME 7" Monochroom
KME 20C07C15 KME 7" Monochroom
KME 20C07C15F KME 7" Monochroom
KME 20C07C32HX KME 7" Monochroom
KME 20C09043 KME 9" Monochroom
KME 20C09A15 KME 9" Monochroom
KME 20C09A15F KME 9" Monochroom
KME 20C09C32HX KME 9" Monochroom
KME 20C12A15 KME 12" Monochroom
KME 20C12A15F KME 12" Monochroom
KME 20C12A32HX KME 12" Monochroom
KME 20C12C15 KME 12" Monochroom
KME 20C12C15F KME 12" Monochroom
KME 20C12C32HX KME 12" Monochroom
KME 21S09A15 KME 9" Monochroom
KME 21S09A15F KME 9" Monochroom
KME 21S09A32HX KME 9" Monochroom
KME 21S09AC15 KME 9" Monochroom
KME 21S09AC15F KME 9" Monochroom
KME 21S09AC32HX KME 9" Monochroom
KME 21S10C32HX KME 10"Monochroom
KME 21S12A15 KME 15"Monochroom
KME 21S12A15F KME 15"Monochroom
KME 21S12A32HX KME 15"Monochroom
KME 21S12C15 KME 15"Monochroom
KME 21S12C15F KME 15"Monochroom
KME 21S12C32HX KME 15"Monochroom
KME 26C10A32HX KME 10" Color
KME 26C14009 KME 14" Color
KME 26K14MA38H KME 14" Color
KME 26S10M003/1 KME 9" Color
KME 26S10M32HS/1 KME 9" Color
KME 26S10MA32H KME 10" Color
KME 26S10MA32HX KME 10" Color
KME 26S10MA38H KME 10" Color
KME 26S12M15UN KME 12" Color
KME 26S12MA38H KME 12" Color
KME 26S12ME38H KME 12" Color
KME 26S14M35H KME 14" Color
KME 26S14MA007 KME 14" Color
KME 26S14MA072 KME 14" Color
KME 26S14MA38H KME 14" Color
KME 26S14MA503 KME 14" Color
KME 26S14MA513 KME 14" Color
KME 26S15MA38H KME 15" Color
KME KME 17DM15A01/1 KME 15" Color
KME KME 17DM15A01/EQ KME 15" Color
KME KME 17DM15A02/1 KME 15" Color
KME KME 17DM15A03/1 KME 15" Color
KME KME 17DM15A04 KME 15" Color
KME KME 26C12 KME 26C12F22BX IBM EGA KME 26C12KME 26C12 KME 26C12
KME KME 26S14 KME 26S14M35H KME 26S14KME 26S14KME 26S14
KME KME 27S20 KME 27S20DMA01/EQ KME 27S20KME 27S20 KME 27S20